NI helmet legislation will seriously damage our health

Wrongheaded has a simple mission – to oppose the fear and misinformation that underpins Northern Ireland’s mandatory helmet legislation and to help you make an informed and principled stand against it.

  • Cycling is safe. In Northern Ireland the number of cycling fatalities[1] were:
    • 2010 – none
    • 2009 – none
  • Inactivity is dangerous. In the same period there were the following deaths[2]:
    • 8,000 – cardiovascular disease
    • 7,000 – cancer
    • 4,000 – respiratory disease
  • No country in the world – including Canada[3, 4, 5], Australia[6, 7, 8] and New Zealand[9] – has introduced and enforced helmet legislation without worsening this public health crisis through widespread and lasting damage to cycling participation.
  • Elsewhere in the world, helmet laws have either been revoked[10 11] or campaigns against them are meeting with increasing support[12, 13]. Why are we going the other way?

It doesn’t matter whether you personally wear a helmet, sometimes or always, going to the shops for milk or just to take a spin in the park. Choosing to wear something extra is very different to having the police chase and prosecute those who choose differently.

Helmet legislation makes no sense. It is detrimental to public health and must be opposed!

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